How we find award winners

Award candidates are identified through evaluations submitted by consumers. To receive the Five Star Home/Auto Insurance Professional award, a home/auto insurance professional must satisfy five objective eligibility and evaluation criteria that are associated with home/auto insurance professionals who provide quality services to their clients. The award process is conducted annually in each market. Homeowners are asked to evaluate home/auto insurance professionals with whom they have worked and evaluate them based upon five criteria.

Self-nominations are not accepted. In order to be named a Five Star Home/Auto Insurance Professional, an individual must hold a current insurance license and be in good standing.

The final list of Five Star Home/Auto Insurance Professionals includes less than 7 percent of the home/auto insurance professionals in a market.

Five Star Professional:

  • Conducts comprehensive research
  • Recognizes service professionals
  • Partners with leading city/regional magazines
  • Helps award winners gain the recognition they deserve

Research Details

Current program